Solutions For Publishers—

Optimize Performance & Pricing with our SmartSuite Publisher Revenue Stack

At each layer of the journey from an impression request to an ad appearing on the page, we apply our SmartSuite to boost performance & help you earn more.

Smart Floors

Opting in to our Revenue Optimization feature (which enables Smart Floors)  will automatically experiment with different floors to find the optimal floor for each of your placements every day. 

The result: This yields an average lift of over 15% from manually set floors.

Smart Throttling

Smart Throttling examines each impression to determine which DSPs are most likely to bid on it. 

The result: By only sending the highest-value impressions to each DSP, we can avoid arbitrary QPS caps from DSPs and earn more revenue for you.

Smart Video

Sharethrough templates enable your placements to accept Enhanced Banners, Native, or Video demand.

The result: Since video is only billed on video start, we normalize bids for different ad formats based on your video start rate so that all formats compete in our auction on an equal footing.

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Trust in Our Technical Partnerships

On top of our own proprietary technology, we also partner with the industry’s finest for additional protection & quality.