Improving Campaign Performance Through Research-Backed Ad Enhancements

After researching human cognition and consumer behavior for 10+ years we discovered that ads perform better if they match human behavior and preferences.


CTV Ad Enhancements

Increase the Performance of your CTV Ad Campaigns by Leveraging Sharethrough Ad Enhancements

Research confirms adding Sharethrough enhancements to CTV ads improves attention.

Video Ad Enhancements

Sharethrough Video Ad Enhancements Improve Awareness and Comprehension

72% of consumers mostly watch videos on mute. However, less than 10% of video ads have captions.

  • Automatically add headlines or captions in the headline space
  • 37% increase in comprehension on average
  • 35% increase in awareness on average

Display Ad Enhancements

Research Confirms Attention is Focused on the Headline Space

Research confirms Sharethrough’s enhanced display ads perform better than standard ads.

Native Ad Enhancements

Sharethrough Has Been Pioneering Native Advertising For More Than 14 Years

Sharethrough’s proprietary TrueTemplate™ technology goes above and beyond native offered by other exchanges.

  • Better matches ads to the fonts, colors and sizes of each site
  • 2.8x higher CTR compared to native ads delivered on the same sites as the competition

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