Driving Better Outcomes for Publishers with Quality Demand

Sharethrough’s strong innovation capabilities coupled with quality standards and demand, ensure publishers yield the strongest performances of their ad inventory.


Cookieless Advertising

A Unified Access Point to Cookieless Inventory and Solutions

Sharethrough’s identity services aim to increase your monetization capabilities through:

  • Better audience match rates
  • Incremental revenue opportunities towards your inventory supply
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“At IPG Mediabrands, we’re committed to improving the sustainability of advertising and supporting the ‘Net Zero Publisher Program’  which helps accelerate the availability of SBTi-approved media inventory by 2025.”

Martin Bryan
Chief Sustainability Officer
IPG Mediabrands

“Hearst Newspapers is fully committed to sustainable practices and is proud to partner with Sharethrough to further our shared dedication to a  greener future.”

Michael Irenski
VP Programmatic Revenue

Sustainability Solutions for Publishers

Get Started With Sharethrough's 'Net Zero Publisher Program'

In the fight to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, the media & advertising industry won’t succeed without getting publishers onboard.

Sharethrough's 'Net Zero Publisher Program' is a unique initiative to help publishers build a cleaner digital advertising ecosystem.

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Powered by AI

AI-Driven To Maximize Publisher Revenue Without Compromising Quality

Sharethrough’s SmartSuite AI algorithm analyzes supply and demand to improve efficiency and eliminate additional accrued costs, helping publishers to maximize their revenue without sacrificing quality.

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High Viewability Performance Package

Stand out by optimizing your High Viewability campaigns with Sharethrough's TrueTemplate technology.
Always On

Super Bowl Seasonal Package

Stand out by optimizing your Super Bowl campaigns with Sharethrough's TrueTemplate technology.
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High Attention Performance Package

Attention-based curated Sharethrough inventory powered by Adelaide.
Always on

Omnichannel Curated Inventory

Achieve Higher Performance With Enhanced PMPs

Data-driven PMPs you can’t get from other exchanges. Your inventory will be marketed in unique ways, attracting outsized demand. Maximizes revenue by packaging for seasonal, audience, and more.

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Our Verification Partners

Sharethrough drives accountability across the ecosystem with leading industry partners.

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