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How CafeMedia Has Seen Consistent Growth Since Integration with Sharethrough


Growth YoY Between March 2021 and 2022 with Prebid


Growth YoY Between March 2021 and 2022 with Amazon TAM


Lift on Average with Smart Floors Technology


CafeMedia was looking for ways to increase their monthly earnings through new integrations. Following the merger between District M and Sharethrough in 2021, CafeMedia worked hand in hand with Sharethrough to migrate their inventory from the District M platform to the Sharethrough platform. The migration project took several months & involved cooperative work from commercial, engineering and product teams on both company sides.


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CafeMedia Implemented SmartSuite™ Technology

Prior to the migration, CafeMedia did not implement Sharethrough’s SmartSuite™ Technology, which could have significantly impacted their results. One of its components, Smart Floors, automatically finds the optimal floor for each placement in real-time. The results? An average lift of over 15% compared to floors that were manually set. Another feature, Smart Throttling, examines each impression to determine which DSPs are most likely to bid on it. By avoiding arbitrary QPS caps from DSPs, CafeMedia is able to earn more revenue.

Results of CafeMedia Integration

CafeMedia was able to successfully connect to Sharethrough via Amazon TAM and Prebid. The deployment of the Prebid integration was done in several stages, gradually increasing traffic volumes. The migration was seamless thanks to the preparation work and initial vetting. The features built by Sharethrough at CafeMedia’s request also benefited all of our other Prebid publishers.

At this time, in terms of revenue, we have seen monthly earnings with CafeMedia grow by 48% YoY between March 2021 and March 2022 for the Prebid integration, and by 174% for the Amazon TAM integration. We expect these numbers to increase as the year goes on.

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