Implement our Cookieless Advertising Solutions for Enhanced Campaign Performance

Sharethrough provides a unified access point to cookieless inventory and solutions to help find your unaddressable audience.


The Digital Advertising Industry Is Changing...

Privacy Regulations

Evolvement and implementation of data privacy laws to protect users and create privacy forward environments.

Deprecation of Third Party Cookies

New standards are being set by tech companies.

Rise of Wall Gardens

Increased barriers to first party data.

Fragmented Solutions

Fragmented ecosystem resulting in audience loss and media waste, directly impacting campaign measurement and ad campaign performance.

Privacy Focused Audience Based Targeting via Sharethrough Audience Solutions

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Optimized Contextual Signals

Publisher 1st Party Data Solutions

UID Enabled Audience

Privacy Sandbox Engaged

Sharethrough’s Approach to a Cookieless World

Sharethrough offers a central hub for cookieless inventory and solutions, enabling more precise targeting of un-addressable audiences while prioritizing focused solutions. Our expertise in omnichannel scale, site directness, and ad experience ensures optimal value for advertisers in a less trackable environment.

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Audience-Based Targeting via Sharethrough Audience Solutions

We aim to empower brands to effectively target and measure audiences through our neutral and interoperable identity framework and by investing in leading cookieless solutions that will foray the future of advertising, which includes, but is not limited to, the solutions shown here.

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First Party Data Targeting
Third Party Data Targeting
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Advanced Contextual Targeting

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Privacy Forward Solutions
Interoperable & Flexible
Omnichannel Reach

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Designed For a Privacy-First Advertising Web

Our mission is to empower our brand, agency and supply partners to connect their audience to their addressable devices and browsers at scale, while preserving their privacy and safe use of data connections.

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