Maximize Performance & Scale With Curated Packages Powered By Machine Learning

Achieving high performance ad campaigns is simple with Sharethrough’s Curated Marketplace, offering high-quality direct inventory for any channel enabling you to reach your audiences at scale with the help of AI.

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All Curated Marketplaces automatically remove Jounce-certified Made-for-Advertising (MFA) sites.

Performance Curation Packages

Publisher inventory is curated down to the placement level based on proprietary historical performance that are proven to hit advertisers’ most common KPIs.

Sharethrough’s auto-optimize feature sets your campaign up for success from day one with technology that optimizes on a day-to-day basis to meet you KPIs at scale.

Audience Curation Packages

Curated sites, placements and audiences based on data, demographics and site content to reach advertiser audiences at scale.

Targeting attention vs. viewability results in:

Attention Curation Packages

Capture your audiences’ attention with curated packages that combine the power of Adelaide’s AU attention scoring and Sharethrough’s Ad Enhancements

Targeting attention vs. viewability results in:

Clean, Quality, Brand-Safe Filters at Scale

Whether accessing Sharethrough through open exchange or curated marketplaces, brand safety, quality and scale are built in.

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Direct Integrations with All Major DSPs

With direct integrations in all major DSPs, buyers can access Sharethrough and benefit from immediately-increased performance and results by simply adding Sharethrough as a supply source — for display, video, native & CTV.

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