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How Ford Increased Brand Metrics of Their Video Campaigns With Dynamic Video Captions Technology


Increase In Message Comprehension of Ford's Video Campaign


Increase In Brand Awareness of Ford's Video Creatives


Increase In Purchase Intent of Ford Product Offer


Ford’s objective was to expand their brand awareness and visibility of their 2022 F-150, Ford Ranger, and Ford Explorer to their Canadian targeted audience. Their media agency Xaxis partnered with Sharethrough to find a solution to increase attention, comprehension and completion rate of their video ads. Xaxis decided to leverage Sharethrough’s newly-released Dynamic Video Captions technology. Sharethrough added Dynamic Captions to 11 of Ford’s video ad tags and Xaxis targeted the Ford Canada audience across the Sharethrough Exchange.


Canadian Auto Intenders

Campaign Goals

Brand Awareness, Improve Attention & Comprehension, Completion Rate

Ad Format


Creative Type

Dynamic Video Captions

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We Tested Ford Creatives With and Without Dynamic Video Captions

Dynamic Video Captions were applied on 11 of Ford’s video ad tags. In order to test the effectiveness the delivery of Ford’s video ads had on comprehension, Sharethrough showed participants several videos with and without Dynamic Captions. The videos were followed by a list of questions to assess the impact they had on consumers’ message comprehension, awareness, favorability and purchase intent.

Results of Ford's Video Advertising Campaign

By adding Sharethrough’s Dynamic Video Captions to their campaign, Ford increased all brand metrics while improving efficiency.

The results revealed Dynamic Captions delivered an increase in every major brand metric including a 142% increase in message comprehension, 22% increase in awareness, 10% lift in favorability and 19% lift in purchase intent

Additionally, the combination of Dynamic Captions, Sharethrough Performance PMPs and programmatic campaign optimizations by Xaxis resulted in a 70% video completion rate, which is 57% higher than industry benchmarks for similar video ads. On top of this, the cost per completed view was 59% lower than industry average.

*Based on industry average provided by Jounce Media.

Ford Increased All Brand Metrics With Dynamic Video Captions Technology

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