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Dell Delivers Net Zero Display & Video Campaign with Sharethrough Enhancement Technology


Total Grams of CO₂ Compensated


Increase in Brand Awareness


Increase in Message Comprehension


Dell’s main objective was to increase brand awareness and consideration. They wanted to test the impact of Dynamic Video Captions and Display Headlines on their video & display ads performance; and achieve net zero emissions by using GreenPMPs™. They were able to deliver their message at scale and reach a qualified audience, all while compensated for the carbon emissions generated by the digital ad campaign.


Adults 18-54, Interest in Entertainment, Technology & Business

Campaign Goals

Increase Brand Awareness & Consideration, Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Ad Format


Creative Type

Video & Display

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Dell Delivered Net Zero Video & Display Campaigns by Running on GreenPMPs™

Running on Sharethrough GreenPMPs™ allowed Dell to measure and compensate for the carbon emissions that were generated by the campaign. They were able to compensate for a total of 6,742,892 grams of CO2, which was the equivalent of fully charging 3.9 million smartphones or heating 336 US households for 1 year. The calculated emissions generated by the campaign were allocated to carbon removal projects such as biomass evergy conversion, reforestation, and more! Furthermore, the creative itself also showcased a green icon, where users could click-through to learn more about the inner workings of how the advertising campaign was delivered through a carbon-neutral inventory supply path.

Results of Dell's Display & Video Advertising Campaign

By adding Sharethrough’s Display Headlines and Dynamic Video Captions to their campaign, Dell overachieved on their brand metrics while delivering a carbon-neutral campaign.

The results revealed that leveraging Sharethrough’s Display Headlines allowed Dell to overachieve its brand lift goals, generating a 78% increase in awareness. Additionally, using Dynamic Video Captions resulted in a 61% lift in message comprehension.

Thanks to running on GreenPMPs™, Dell ran a carbon-neutral campaign while demonstrating that sustainability and performance can coexist and generate better results.

Dell Increased Message Comprehension & Awareness with Sharethrough Enhancements

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